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CNC?Machining?service for our customer

We have worked very hard to provide a good?CNC?Machining?service for our customer. Milling, Turning,Stamping OEM in china

CNC?Machining?service for our customer

CNC?Machining?service for our customer

How to Reduce the Scrap Rate in the machining of Precision Machine Parts

How to reduce the scrap rate of parts in precision machining? The following is the understanding of precision workpiece CNC machining knitting, hoping to help you.

In the process of precision machining, the design of workpiece should be correct. In the process of design, it should be studied whether the processing is simple, whether the process and requirements meet the essential conditions of the workshop and market supply, whether the precision machining enterprises need to provide improved equipment, high precision processing equipment and inspection equipment. In terms of material usage, it is also important to calculate the raw materials required for each workpiece, process placement, and processing methods, and to comply with strict process requirements.

In precision machining, the first step of the processing staff is to see clearly the technical requirements of the drawings. Complying with the process is the basic of precision machining. Check the drawings of the parts are intact and accurate, and analyze the accuracy, surface integrity and technical requirements of the key surface of the parts under the existing production conditions. Therefore, in the timely and wonderful experience of mechanical processing, some people who have experience in mechanical processing may also wish to reduce the scrap rate of the workpiece.

To sum up, we should see through the technical requirements of the drawings; follow the process; select the appropriate speed feed; precisely select the tool angle; cut the workpiece to meet the requirements to complete the processing mission; accurate and practical measuring tools, comply with strict process requirements. Product quality is the key to decide the success or failure of enterprises, so it is not too late to reduce the scrap of precision machined workpieces and improve the quality of workpieces for every precision machined workshop.?CNC?Machining?service


Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

Low-volume manufacturing, metal parts tooling, metal parts production, complete services including cnc turning, cnc milling and CNC machining. If you have any parts to be machined, please kindly send us the drawings for quotation.


What kind of influence will CNC machining have on parts

We will introduce to you the influence of rough machining of CNC parts on parts.

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

1. Influencing wear resistance: The rougher the CNC product’s machined surface is, the smaller the useful contact area between the matching surfaces is, the greater the pressure is, the greater the conflict resistance is, and the faster the wear is.

2. Affecting the stability of fit: For gap fit, the rougher the surface is, the easier the wear and tear will be, and the clearance will gradually increase in the working process; for interference fit, the intrinsically useful interference will be reduced and the connection strength will be reduced because the micro-convex peak will be extruded when equipped.

3. Influencing fatigue strength: There are large troughs on the surface of rough parts. They are like sharp notches and cracks. They are very sensitive to the stress set, thus affecting the fatigue strength of parts.

4. Influences on corrosion resistance: Rough parts surface, easy to make corrosive gases or liquids through the surface of the micro-valley penetrate into the metal inner layer, forming surface erosion.

5. Influencing sealability: Rough surfaces can not be closely bonded, and gas or liquid leaks through cracks between contact surfaces.

6. Influencing the contact stiffness: The contact stiffness is the strength of resisting the contact deformation of the fused surface of the parts under the action of external forces. The mechanical stiffness depends on the contact stiffness of the parts to a great extent.

7. Influencing the measurement accuracy: The surface roughness of the measured surface of parts and the measuring surface of measuring equipment will directly affect the measurement accuracy, especially when meticulously measured.

Otherwise, surface roughness has different effects on coating, thermal conductivity and contact resistance, reflective strength and radiation function, resistance of fluid flow and smooth surface current of conductor. Therefore, Chengchuang Machining factory should pay close attention to this aspect, and do not make the same mistakes in the production process.


Machinery parts CNC machining various batch parts

Machinery parts CNC machining various batch parts

Machinery parts CNC machining various batch parts

Machinery parts CNC machining various batch parts, large-scale computer CNC processing, high-speed cnc machining, precision die manufacturing, various types of sample CNC milling parts . One part customized, low cost, high quality. The discount for large orders is high. Welcome to send drawings for machind.


Commonly used fixture materials

These raw materials are used for manufacturing fixtures and fixtures, but different raw materials have different uses. Each kind of raw material has different characteristics. Follow me to get a general idea of the use of each kind of raw material.

1. A3, 45, the raw material is cheap, usually used in the motherboard without auxiliary fixture;

2. P20, CR12MOV, usually the important parts of fixture, because the selected raw materials can wear-resistant, will strengthen the service life of products, and ensure the accuracy of application;

3. The main raw materials of S136 are wear resistance and rust resistance. Usually used in welding fixtures is a common raw material.

4. SKD11 raw materials are usually used in checking tools and some sophisticated and wear-resistant fixtures.

5. Tungsten steel, this raw material is used a little bit less, because the cost of raw materials is quite expensive, usually used in meticulous inspection tools, mainly if the wear resistance and rust resistance is high



CNC machined parts

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CNC machined parts

CNC machined parts


Analysis of hardening factors of CNC parts

The key factors affecting the cold working hardness of CNC parts are as follows:

1. Factor of machining raw materials: The hardness of processed raw materials is small, and the hardness level of raw materials with greater plasticity is more important.

2. Formal factors of cutters: the rake angle, edge roundness and wear of the back of the cutter in CNC machining have a great influence on the hardening layer. When the front angle decreases and the wear of the edge and rear edge increases, the depth and hardness of the hardened layer increases.

3. Cutting parameters of CNC parts: the change of cutting speed and feed rate has a great influence on cold work hardness. With the increase of cutting speed, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece is short, the plastic deformation level is small, and the hardness and hardness are reduced. With the increase of feeding speed, the plastic deformation level increases, and the surface cold hardening level increases.

Therefore, as long as the above factors are correctly prevented, there will be no problem of hardness in CNC machined parts.


Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years

Our factory specializes in metal parts machining for many years, with CNC machine center, CNC Turning lathe, forging machine, automatic lathe, grinder and other precision forging, precision machining capacity supporting equipment; is a professional precision cnc manufacturers, mechanical processing manufacturers, machinery parts machiningg manufacturers and CNC machining manufacturers. Welcome to send drawing processing and quotation.


Skills of Keeping Strict Tolerance Requirements in CNC Precision Parts Machining

In CNC precision parts machining, there are 6 crafts that maintain strict requirements of the government. CNC machining machineries are quite fond of seeing such equipment: +/-0.005 “. Five thousandths of an inch is an exercise for any good mechanic – they might as well close their eyes and grind them. But those jobs are more demanding. Add another zero, and now you have: 0.0005 “. Holding five tenths of you is a totally different story. This is the difference between the thickness of human hair and white blood cells. When it comes to strict government service, here are some suggestions to maintain your spare parts specifications.

1. The spindle warms up to maintain critical tolerance

Running a Warm-up Program – Although this is a standard program for numerous CNC machines, there are some more troublesome things to study and run. A typical program will only preheat the spindle, which is critical for smoothing grease to prevent premature bearing wear. However, you also need to get the internal components to a stable working temperature to cope with thermal expansion. Now, if you only want to maintain strict government service on the Z axis, all of this is accurate, but if you combine the preheating of the spindle with the movement of the machine tool on the whole axis, it will help to go a step further. The machine is allowed to run for 10-20 minutes, and all parts are allowed to move to the desired temperature, which will help reduce the thermal expansion effect of milling time. In any case, at the end of the warm-up, ensure that all equipment is accurately measured and that strict military service is maintained.

Tool selection may be a factor in maintaining a strict bureaucracy. Rough processing equipment is used to carry out “rough processing” so as to reduce the wear of finishing tools and maintain accuracy.

2. Equipment Selection for Maintaining Tight Military Service

Choose your equipment carefully – when you deal with these intolerant ministries, be sure to fit your equipment. You need to ensure that you have specific equipment for roughing and finishing so that the roughing cutter can accept wear and tear, while the finishing cutter only saves one process, thus ensuring the repeatable process of creating accurate parts.

3. Strictly Tolerated Compensation

Compensation for your equipment – equipment manufacturers are not happy, so they design equipment a little tolerant. They know that if you use their equipment to do something, you’ll be even happier if its reduced performance comes out of too big a size instead of too big a size. It’s like shaving: you might as well take a rest, but you can’t put it away. Knowing this, you need to make sure that the first thing you do when configuring an accurate job is to dial your essential device diameter. You may as well finish it in a variety of ways, but my preferred way is to milling a feature, and then use accurate equipment to verify the size. Easy – If you insert a 0.236-inch tool into a 0.250-inch hole, only a 0.248-inch measuring pin can be inserted, then your tool size will be reduced by 0.001 inches (because the size of each side can not be small, so use half value).

4. Maintaining the Temperature of Tight Yards

Thermal stability – This is one of the most important things on the list, because it can make a huge difference and you may not even notice it. Please pay attention to the location of your mechanical location. Is it near the window, if so, at some time of the day, where is the sunlight mapped on it? Does the air conditioning system start in the afternoon and cool in the cabin? Does your raw material remain in a stuffy warehouse and then enter a cold 68 degree environment? It looks innocent, but it will be yours. Great difficulties have arisen in the process. The thermal expansion or contraction of milling machines or cutting materials may vary greatly during your processing. Put all of this in lock-in – maintain your machinery and materials in a temperature-controlled climate, free from sunlight, and you will reap rewards – universality in your process.

5. Maintaining the Calibration of Tight Military Service

Calibrate your equipment – when you’ve done all of the above, but all you need is * that * more rigorous, research on phone calls from manufacturers. When a machine is built, transportation falls off the truck, moves, stabilizes, and uses thousands of hours, things will be transferred and handled. This is unpredictable. Fortunately, there are several pieces of equipment, whether granite blocks or Renishaw Ballbar, that can help to loosen the mechanical reins to help maintain the corvee. We like to have a club test and adjust it as part of our annual care so that you can maintain a close relationship with mechanical accuracy. Otherwise, the implementation of these annual services can ensure that the bearing is tightened and smooth, the belt is properly tightened, and the drive motor runs well – these are important factors for accurate processing machinery.

6. Linear scales for maintaining tight government service

If all fails, scales! – If you’re still doing all the work on this list and trying, it might be time to study using linear scales to get machinery. Your typical CNC machine tool will use the drive motor encoder as the key way to track its absolute position, but this may be due to the shortcomings of ball screw or temperature difference. Linear rulers change all of this – usually installed in the factory, they consist of two key parts – rulers and reading heads. In short – scales are like machines that can read with high accuracy.


Get best CNC machining service

Get best CNC machining service from leading precision CNC machining service provider of China.CHENGCHUANG provides best services in affordable prices

Get best CNC machining service

Get best CNC machining service

Principle of division of CNC Machining

CNC Machining process can be distinguished by two different principles, i.e. machining set principle and process distribution principle.

(1) Procedure Set Principle

CNC Machining set principle refers to that no process contains as much processing content as possible, so as to reduce the total number of processes. The principle of CNC Machining set is applicable to workpiece processing on efficient special equipment and CNC machine tools. The advantages of selecting the principle of process set are: increasing the production efficiency; reducing the number of processes, reducing the process route, simplifying the production plan and organizational work; reducing the basic number, the number of manipulators and the area occupied; reducing the number of workpiece clamping, not only ensuring the mutual position accuracy between the processing surfaces, but also reducing the fixture. Number and auxiliary time of clamping workpiece. However, the investment of CNC Machining equipment and industrial equipment is large, it is difficult to adjust and maintain, and the production planning cycle is long, which is not conducive to conversion.

(2) Distribution principle of CNC Machining

The process distribution is to distribute the workpiece processing in more CNC Machining processes, and the processing content of each process is very small. CNC Machining distribution principle is applicable to simple structure of processing equipment and process equipment. The advantages of selecting the principle of process distribution are that the processing equipment and process equipment are simple to operate, easy to adjust and maintain, and easy to transfer production. It is conducive to selecting the correct cutting parameters and reducing the time of maneuvering. However, the Machining route is long, the area is large, the number of equipment and workers required is large, and the processing accuracy is greatly affected by the skill level of manipulators.


Professional at precision parts machining

professional at precision parts machining

professional at precision parts machining


We have more than 10 years’experience in precision CNC Machining parts, and are professional at precision parts machining, CNC processing and four-axis machining. We are familiar with the OEM technology and quality requirements of the United States and the European Union. By means of international standards, we can ensure high quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery.


Effect of Temperature on machining of Precision Parts

As far as our precision machine parts machining industry, adequate accuracy is often a relatively intuitive reflection of the processing strength of its workshop. We know that temperature is a major factor affecting the processing accuracy. Here is a brief introduction from CHENGCHUAN.

Under the action of various heat sources (conflict heat, cutting heat, ambient temperature, thermal radiation, etc.) in the process of intrinsic machining, thermal deformation will occur when the temperature of machine tool, tool and work piece being processed changes, thus affecting the relative displacement between work piece and tool, forming processing deviation, and then affecting the processing accuracy of parts. For example, when the linear expansion coefficient of steel is 0.000012 /, the elongation of steel parts with length of 100 mm will be 1.2 um when the temperature rises by 1C. Temperature transformation not only directly affects the expansion of work piece, but also affects the accuracy of machine tool equipment.

In precision machining, higher requirements are put forward for the accuracy and stability of the work piece. According to the statistics of related materials, the processing deviation caused by thermal deformation accounts for 40%-70% of the total processing deviation in precision machining. Therefore, in order to prevent the expansion and contraction of the work piece due to the temperature transformation, the reference temperature of the constitutional environment is usually strictly controlled. The deviation boundaries of the temperature transformation are drawn up, which are 20 +0.1 and 20 +0.0.0. Constant temperature processing at 1 C still occurs.

Normally, for the constant temperature and humidity laboratory for precision processing, in order to prevent the work piece from expanding and shrinking due to the temperature change during processing and measurement, the standard temperature in the laboratory is usually strictly regulated, and the deviation boundaries of temperature change are drawn up. However, the requirement of relative humidity of air has no requirement for the accuracy of textile testing. Strict. For a national ultra-precision processing laboratory, the required temperature is 20 +0.2, while the relative humidity is 45%+5%.

In the future, with the development of society and the progress of technology, the technology of temperature control for precision parts processing will be more and more developed.


Professional CNC machining custom CNC machining manufacturers

Professional CNC machining custom CNC machining manufacturers, mainly CNC precision machining, precision mechanical parts processing, CNC CNC lathe processing, metal sheet metal processing, stainless steel processing, aluminum products processing, copper products processing, non-standard parts processing


Reason summary of collision of CNC machining center

When making CNC workpiece, we often encounter the problem of machine collision, which not only affects the processing efficiency, but also may destroy the workpiece, more likely to form personal events. So what are the causes of the collision in the CNC machining center?

(1) Knife compensation input error is a common cause of collision.

1. Coordinate offset compensation 60 miles input error

2. Workpiece coordinates G54 and other input errors

3. Length G43 compensates for H input error or call error

4. Radius G41 compensates for D input error or call error

5, G40 or G49 or G80 input errors

(2) Error manipulation

1. Wrong Procedure

2. Installing the wrong knife

3. Error processing coordinates

4. Start-up does not return to the origin

5. Handwheel or Manual Target Error

(3) Unique procedures can also lead to crashes.

1. There will be more than one tool change in the program (it will collide with the machine because of the tool repair error)

2. The program returns to the machined cutter point (bumping plate or screw) after the cutter is removed from the mechanical reference point.

3. The program cuts diagonally at the beginning (Z appears in front of H)

4. Safety height is lower (impact plate or nut)

Do you remember the above reasons? I hope you will pay more attention in your work.


Professional engaged in CNC Turning parts

Professional engaged in CNC Turning parts

Professional engaged in CNC Turning parts

Professional engaged in CNC Turning parts, CNC Machining parts, general lathes, milling machines, grinders, wire cutting, sparks, sheet metal, welding as one of the precision processing enterprises, products involved in medical, automation, optoelectronics, communications, energy, electronic components, etc., welcome to send drawings for consultation.


How to Select High Efficiency CNC Machining Production

At present, the varieties of CNC Machining lines are rigid automatic lines and flexible CNC Machining lines. Which kind of CNC Machining lines should be placed in CNC Machining field should be confirmed according to the change of products and output. If a large number of production lines are produced, and compared with mature production lines, then rigid lines should be chosen, because the work efficiency is high. However, if it is in small and medium batches, and the product has a positive change, then flexible line should be selected, because the production process of this line is a set of control, and it is suitable.

The other factors, such as the degree of change of CNC production line, the life cycle of products and the transformation of products, are also included in our research on the needs of choosing production line. In this respect, flexible production line is better than rigid production line, because it is more sensitive, more adaptable, and can reduce the investment crisis.

At present, there is a new method of CNC manufacturing line, which is the combination of automatic line and flexible CNC machining center, resulting in the production line, mainly automatic line. To ensure the accuracy and stability of the production line, CNC Machining is used for other processes. This production line also has certain advantages, so there will be, but also according to the nature of the situation to determine whether it is appropriate, can not be confused to use.


Many years of precise hardware parts machining experience

many years of precise hardware parts machining experience

many years of precise hardware parts machining experience

CNC Turning processing, many years of precise hardware parts machining experience, specializing in processing high-precision parts with small tolerance and complex structure, CNC lathe processing, integration of industry resources, the use of casting, forging, powder metallurgy, extrusion profiles and other hair germ materials machining to reduce costs.


Let precision parts meet your requirements

In life, we will use all kinds of parts, that is to say, we will use a lot of parts when many machines are used. But our parts can’t be precise occasionally. At this time, we might as well buy precise parts. Why? Because a precise part is worth many of our ordinary parts. Without this good precise part, many of our machines would be very difficult to use.

But we often have such a thing, that is, we will occasionally find their own precision parts are still not good, you take the car, our car is bad, we go to buy parts to buy precision parts back to find that they still can not meet the requirements of their own car, then you will Need precision parts processing such equipment, that is to say, you still buy precision parts to process and then meet the requirements of your machinery is such a simple thing.

Precision parts processing, to meet any requirements of your machinery.

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