Many varieties of CNC milling parts


Many varieties of CNC milling parts

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Many varieties of CNC milling parts

Many varieties of CNC milling parts


The grinding requirements of non-standard fixture fittings pay attention to several points:

1. The grain size of abrasives for grinding should be changed from coarse to fine in order. When changing abrasives, the grinding trace of the previous process should be completely removed. The grinding process should be carried out until only the grinding trace can be seen. It is very important to prevent the occurrence of “relief” phenomenon by pressing needle thimble.

2. The same grinding tool can only use the same size of abrasives. Before changing the size of each grinding tool, the workpiece must be sorted out completely so as not to bring the coarse abrasives or other dirt to the next working procedure to form scratches on the grinding surface.

3. Every time the grain size is changed to the next one, the last grinding target should be grinded at an angle of 30-45 degrees. If there is a deep wound, one-sided position can not only be grinded, otherwise the one-sided position will be pitted, it needs to be completely repaired to remove the pits. Average grinding is required for both simple and non-simple grinding stations.

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